Female Agent 265 – Stud Fucks Sexy Witch Agent


Johnny (31 mins). It’s Halloween and the only thing I enjoy more then a good scare is a good fuck. I was dressed up as a witch for the agency party that was to take place after our working day had finished, and I was winding the day up when in walked an unexpected casting. This handsome stud looked at me slightly strangely as I sat there in full wicked witch of the East costume get up, but once I explained about the party he seemed fine with it. Now if I could get a fuck out of this handsome stud it would finish off my day perfectly and leave me satisfied to enjoy the party. He was recommended to us by his cousin who works for our agency. I told him all the job options that were available for him, and he was hesitant to agree to erotica in case his girlfriend found out. I could tell this lad was curiously getting turned on by my witches costume so when I offered to do a casting with him to help him decide on whether he wanted to try it or not, he came around to my way of thinking and said he’d do it. I decided to keep my Halloween ensemble on and I was soon slurping on his cock on the couch, dressed as the sexiest witch in the world. Just tasting his delicious cock hit the back of my throat had my [pussy dripping with juices and it was time to ride this studs cock. I fucked him to my own delicious orgasms in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, before he pounded into me from behind in doggy. He was working himself into a fury now and he only just managed to pull out quickly before depositing his stud semen all over my bare ass cheeks. Well, what an amazingly horny casting, I hope all of your Halloweens are as sexy and fun filled as mine was. Now it’s time to hit the office party.

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