Female Agent 276 – Chelsy – Athletic Brunette Takes It All Off


Chelsy (39 mins). I definitely think my confidence is growing as a female agent over time, my seduction skills have developed amazingly, I’m like a sexual seduction ninja, with the only difference being they will hear me cumming. Take today’s casting with the beautiful, slim and sexy Chelsy. She came in response to our advertisement looking for models and once she sat on that chair in front of me I had already decided that she wasn’t leaving until I had tasted every inch of her. She had a beautiful figure that I could tell even through her clothes and her personality was so sweet and innocent that she endeared herself to me very quickly. When I told her that I would need to see her in her underwear she revealed a beautiful set of bra and panties and her muscular stomach betrayed the fact that this nymph liked to work out. I was so confident in my skills I strode over to her and began to caress her skin. I told her that if we could have some fun here today I would get her the best jobs for the best pay and that no one could look after her as well as I could. She seemed to be enjoying my touch and we were soon standing up as I slid my hand into her panties, one of my dirty digits sinking into her moistness. This casting was on and we moved onto the couch where we removed the rest of our clothes like caterpillars shedding our cocoons to become butterflies and began to explore each other. I needed to cum badly and she began to lick and finger fuck me to an earth shattering orgasm which made me shudder with pleasure as ecstasy coursed through me. The sexy nymph then asked me if I had any toys, so I donned my plastic phallus and fucked her beautifully from behind. I wanted to be more close and personal so I slid into her in missionary and I fucked her tight hole to a beautiful orgasm.What an amazing day.