Female Agent 277 – Agent Talks Stud Into Hot Sex


Marcus (33 mins). Today’s stud took a little bit of convincing before I could get his tasty cock in my mouth. In fact I had to pretend to promise him 30,000 to do a private scene with me for a client and the promise of work in Paris in the next few days, before he finally succumbed to my seductive casting. He came wanting to be a model and I wanted my fill of cock, so we all know who’s going to win here. It took a lot of convincing on my part including the offers mentioned above before he finally agreed to do a proper casting with me. He was very worried about the video and I had to reassure him several times that no one would ever see it and that it would not get published anywhere. By the time I was sitting on his lap and fondling his cock I was soaking wet with desire. After rolling his cock around my mouth he said he wanted to lick my pussy. I yanked him out of his seat and took his position as his lips explored my moist lips. His technique was good but I wanted his cock inside me and he awkwardly tried to fuck me over the desk. I needed to take control here, so I got him to sit on the couch so I could manipulate his cock in the cowgirl position. I was in heaven feeling his cock slide in and out of me, every inch was thrilling to feel. I have to admit,the guy had stamina, so it was time to move to one of my favorite positions. I love being fucked from behind, it’s always feels raw and uninhibited, and you get the best penetration. He fucked me hard and well in doggy and after my orgasm subsided I wanted to see this studs cum shot all over my ass cheeks. He built himself up, thrusting faster and faster until he pulled out just in time and wanked his creamy cum all over my ass. It was quite an impressive cum shot, but I was tired and with more castings today it was time to move this stud swiftly on and out the door so I could recoup before the next interview began.

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