Female Agent 271 – Agent Fucks Builder for a Discount


Johny (28 mins).We’d had some maintenance work done to our offices here and we’d also been trying to avoid paying the rather steep bill when it landed on our desk. But you can’t run from bills forever and the guy in charge made a personal appearance at the office this afternoon to inquire as to when we would be paying his invoice. He was a cute looking guy who seemed a little stressed and I had to work a way out of buying some more time before we paid his bill. I had to think fast on my feet and I began flirting outrageously with him as I bartered for a reduced bill. Even though he was married, as I began to caress his shoulders and legs, I could tell he was becoming aroused and I knew it wasn’t long before he would be like putty in my hands. I stood him up quickly before he could really think about what was going on, whipped his cock out of his jeans and placed his semi hard member into my mouth. His knees almost buckled as I sucked his cock to full erection and there was no turning back now. We moved to the couch where he licked my pussy and then this handyman stud asked me to mount him in cowgirl. We fucked fast and hard in a few positions and my orgasm was intense as he powered into me from behind in doggystyle. I was spent after such an intense pleasure ride but he continued to drive deep into my sticky pussy with his cock from behind. It eventually became too much for the poor fellow and he pulled out just in time before firing ropes of cum across my pert ass cheeks. He got up quickly, gave me an extension on when I had to pay the bill and left. Success, I got a brilliant fuck and more time to stave off this bill that I have no intention of paying. What a great Friday it was turning out to be.

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