Female Agent 268 – Hot Babe Wants Lesbian Sex


Angella (30 mins). Sometimes during a casting you get the inkling that the girls that have come for the casting are actually there for a very different reason. Obviously getting some work out of the casting interview would be a bonus for these women, but you also get the feeling that they’re there because they want sex with you and have heard something on the sexual grapevine. This was the case with Angella, as I was conducting the interview she was very complimentary and flirtatious, and even quite brazen at points. She made it quite clear she was attracted to me and that she would love to work with me doing erotic shoots. It was clearly going to be an easy casting, she agreed to everything I said and she was soon in her underwear on the couch waiting to start her camera test. I love it when a woman comes in so agreeable and who is clearly a lesbian who’s up for some fun in my office. We started by slowly kissing and feeling each others bodies, which soon led to me licking her sweet nectar tasting pussy as she squirmed and moaned on her back on the couch. I was crazily horny and I wanted her to cum so she could make me cum. I finger fucked her fast and hard, feeling her tight wet pussy contract around my digits until she came with a shudder and a squeal. My magic touch had worked again. It was my turn and she delicately inserted her fingers into me, squeezing them in and out of my tight wet hole. It felt amazing but I wanted her tongue to flick over my clit also, and I instructed her to make me cum with her tongue. This girl clearly had skills and experience and I had the most amazing orgasm as she worked my wet hole with both her fingers and tongue. An amazing casting that took little effort on my behalf to get this sexy vixen naked and in my arms.

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