Female Agent 273 – Niki – Agent Seduces Broke Brunette Babe


Niki (35 mins). Needs must when the devil drives, as the saying goes, and the sweet, gorgeous looking Niki was desperate indeed. She’d lost her job and was desperate for money and told me right from the start of the interview that she needed cash and was willing to work any job I had got to offer her, within reason of course. So we got chatting and she was interested in the modelling work, but as I knew she was desperate for fast cash I told her it would be around 3 weeks before she would be paid. She asked if there was any other work where she could get paid better and this was my opening to getting my hands onto this gorgeous pretty woman. I asked her what she thought about erotica and to my surprise she was open to the idea. She repeated that she needed money and would try anything. When she then confessed to being a bisexual my knickers moistened, as I knew this casting was about to get hot and steamy. I told her that I would need to see how well she could perform as my clients trusted my word, and when I reassured her the video would only be for me as I liked women also, she agreed to fuck me right there on the couch. She was half naked already from when I’d asked to see her body and it was a simple case of unsnapping her bra and sliding her knicker off and she was ready to go. I used all my lust skills on her, fingering, sucking, flicking my tongue over her clit, and after a steady build up of pleasure she unleashed a screaming orgasm as I fucked and licked her sticky,sweet hole. Now it was my turn and with little guidance, she was a bisexual after all, she was soon fingering me and making my body tingle with pleasure. Her fingering was amazing, my pussy clenched her fingers like a bear trap, but I wanted her to make me cum with her tongue. Showing amazing talent she swirled her tongue round and in my pussy, engulfing my mound with her mouth. I had an amazing orgasm that lasted for several seconds, making me raise up of the couch and bury her head in my pussy. Wow, a sensational casting with a gorgeous woman, the girls who have been with another woman before are still always the best ones.