Female Agent 262 – Stud Is a Challenge for Hot Agent


Ray (28 mins). Sometimes a stud walks through these doors and there’s just something about them that has my pussy flood with desire. It could be their smile, their body or a glint in their eye, but I fancied Ray as soon as he walked through the door. I could tell his body was fantastic even under his clothes and the challenge was on to see if I could get this studs cock deep inside me. I started my usual line of questioning, asking him what his interests were, what he needs the money for and all my usual spiel. Then I asked to see his body and when he stripped down to his underwear I was physically panting with desire.I hit my first cock block when he mentioned his very jealous girlfriend, but I was determined to get this stud fucking me as soon as possible. I knew he needed money to buy the things he wanted, so I promised him amazing wages and he eventually agreed. When I asked if he could do a test with me he was a little unsure at first, but after I walked over to him and began to rub his cock through his pants it seemed his girlfriend evaporated from his mind and he was as game as I was. Looks like the old saying is true, an erect penis has no conscience. I was soon licking and sucking his delicious cock as he lay back on the couch. I love the taste of cock and his tasted divine. But I also like my pussy being licked also, so I got him to explore my wet mound with his swirling tongue. I was on the peak of eruption and I wanted him deep inside me. He fucked me in doggy first, then the spoon position and my whole body convulsed with pleasure as he went balls deep into my tight hole. I was satisfied with this studs performance and it was time to see his cumshot. He powered into me form behind and with seconds to spare he pulled out and shot his sticky load all over my stomach. I sent him packing to the shower, I had a busy day ahead, but what an amazing fuck to start it off with.

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