Female Agent 259 – Studly Scot Fucks Blonde Agent


Nick (28 mins). I’ve never had a highland fling so when this Scottish stud walked through my door I was determined that he wasn’t leaving until he’d sunk his cock deep inside me. He was very good looking and reminded me of the film star Tom Cruise, so all throughout our chat I was squirming on my chair with delight at the thought of getting him naked and on my couch. After I threw a few compliments at him, I soon had him convinced that making adult movies was definitely the best choice of career that he could make. I asked if he wanted to try it and without hesitation, even though he has a girlfriend, he said yes. We were soon on the couch and I slipped his big cock out from his jeans and into my mouth. He groaned with pleasure as I drew deep on his length. I was desperate for a good fucking so I decided to skip a lot of the foreplay and get straight to the hardcore action. I did get him to use the camera and we got some great shots of my beautiful pussy being invaded by his gorgeous cock. We fucked in several positions and my body was wracked with pleasure. Then I wanted to see his money shot and as he wanked himself into my mouth I stroked his balls and licked the tip of his helmet. I was a little disappointed with his cumshot, it wasn’t the biggest load I’ve ever taken in my mouth, but then if your as good looking as him your probably emptying your balls into someones mouth at least twice a day. A very good casting session tho with a very fuckable stud.

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