Female Agent 267 – Shy Sweet Brunette Needs Cash


Candy (41 mins). Candy was a very shy, sweet woman who wasn’t happy with her wage in her current job so was looking for a way to earn some extra cash. She’d read our advert and decided to try her hand at modelling. She had a very nice personality and looked so cute and sexy sitting opposite me that I wanted to lean over the table, grab her hair and lock her into a smouldering kiss. I resisted however, and carried on with my questioning. When I asked to see her body she became really shy and said as she wasn’t wearing a bra, so she could not strip down to her underwear. It was time to be frank with this sexy tease, so I told her I had a job in Paris that would pay well, but first she would have to make love to me as I was a lesbian and I wanted a piece of that adorable ass I could see in front of me. She was taken aback at first, but once I explained that this was how it works these days, you don’t get something for nothing, she was willing to give it a try. Although hesitant and wary on the couch at first, my sensual kisses soon melted any reservations she had and she was soon responding well to my touch and the wetness of my mouth. Even though it was her first time with a woman I was going insane with desire and I needed her to lick my pussy and finger fuck my orgasm out of my body. With a little coaching she soon got it right and I was climaxing on my favorite couch. It was amazing and now I wanted to return the favor. As I delicately licked her I could sense she wasn’t as into it as I thought she’d be. When I asked her what was wrong she said she was used to having something inside her. Without a moments hesitation I pulled out my strap on dildo and proceeded to fuck her tight pussy just like a man would. I could feel her pussy grip onto the plastic penis and as I fucked her in the doggy style position she soon erupted with a beautiful orgasm. It was time for her to leave, but a beautiful start to the day. I love fucking a girl with a strap on in the morning.

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