Female Agent 278 – Lucy and Barra Brass – Agent Wants Brunette on Her Couch


Lucy (31 mins). When this beautiful woman walked into the office she took my breath away. I could tell she had it all, big natural breasts, a very beautiful face and a jaw dropping figure with an ass that I knew would shine like porcelain. There was no messing about with this woman either, she straight away said she wanted to do erotic modelling and that she had already shot many times before but had taken a break from it. Well, now she was back and wanted to go back to doing shoots with women only. I could not believe my ears, this sexy woman was saying everything that I wanted to hear and normally I had to steer the conversation round to. I asked to see her body and she looked fabulous and beautiful standing in her gorgeous underwear. I decided to come straight out with it and asked her if she wanted to do a camera test. She asked how much she would get paid and I said nothing, so she declined. Maybe this wouldn’t be so easy after all. But then with a little more persuasion she agreed and I soon had her heavy, full natural breasts in my hand. Her ass was made for pleasure and her pussy looked warm and tight. She was an expert and so easy going that we were soon writhing in each others arms. What followed next was one of the best lesbian castings I’ve had to date on the casting couch. Press play already and watch as I devour this sensual, gorgeous woman before she returns the favour, licking and finger fucking my tight hole until my orgasm hit me like a freight train. A truly beautiful day.