Female Agent 263 – Buff Stud Fucked by Sexy Agent


Alex (28 mins). When this guy walked into the office my pussy stirred into life as my eyes drank in the shape of this Herculean man. This guy’s muscles had muscles, he looked like he was carved from rock, chiseled from the mountain of Everest itself. I love a man with a good physique and this particular man was exactly what I’d always dreamed of walking through that office door. He came as he saw our advert and wanted to do fitness modelling, to sell the body that he had perfected down the gym for many, many years. I immediately asked him what he thought of doing erotica instead of normal modelling, explaining the benefits, and almost straight away he agreed, This was going to be much easier then I thought. He said it had never crossed his mind but he had no objections to doing it, he had no girlfriend and loved women so he thought it was a good idea. I asked to see his body and he stripped off, peeling his clothes off his musclebound skin like it was an unwanted layer of dirt. I asked to see his cock and he whipped it out with a flourish. I got closer to him and took his already stiffening cock in my hands, explaining that I had to test him. Then I sunk down to my knees and drew him into my mouth. He groaned with pleasure and it wasn’t long before he had me bent over the desk as he fucked me form behind. His cock felt amazing pounding deep inside my pussy, but I wanted to get more comfortable. We moved to the couch where he licked my pussy with wild abandon and I was so turned on I needed to ride him long and hard. We fucked in several positions and I had a glorious orgasm as he fucked me in reverse cowgirl. Then in the standard cowgirl position, as he pounded in and out of me, I could feel his orgasm build and I just managed to whip his cock out before it sprayed his man jam all over my backside. One of my favorite castings to date, so horny and with a guy who ha d the physique of my dreams.

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