Czech Couples 04 – Handy and busty blonde


The beginning was less than promising. We came across an array of unapproachable and uptight couples. It sucked. We were about to call it a day when we met a very promising couple. She was a blonde with huge boobs and he looked like a supermarket bouncer. And he was money-grubbing. We bid up until we agreed on “wife swapping”. He got a head from Kristyna and I got sucked by his pretty girlfriend. Shall we fuck them both? His missus is a nice piece of meat, her tits are superb. Do you like it to have your little girl shagged? I tested out what he would manage because I couldn’t fail to notice that he had a hard time dealing with it. When I came on his sweetheart’s tits, the guy nearly collapsed!!! This was an ultimately bad-ass feat! We cleared off the place as quickly as possible because it looked like the situation would not end well. Check it out!

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