Czech Couples 05 – Public cumshots


My ever-humpy sweetheart had a brilliant idea – to hunt our prey at the Main Train Station. She’s a smartie. We stumbled upon a young couple from Moravia that just arrived in the capital to find work. A stunning dark-haired chick and her grumpy partner. The shocked country people couldn’t believe their ears. They just arrived in Prague and somebody is waving banknotes in front of them that very moment in exchange for a blowjob! We grabbed them and took them to a little forest behind the station. We gave them extra money for letting my cock join them. I rammed the tight pussy of his girlfriend and he gave it hard to Kristyna. It was a fight of two cocks. I cum all over the hair of his partner and he let Kristyna swallow his cum in return for it. Great work! Welcome to Prague. We fuck here day and night.

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