Czech Couples 08 – True love for solid cash


It was quite extreme today. Despite the beginning that really sucked. But how about the end? It couldn’t be more hardcore! We invited a Czech couple for a cup of coffee, but when the decisive moment came, they told us to fuck off and stormed off. Fortunately, my darling spotted another good target sitting on the bar. A curly vixen and a serviceman of her cunt. My love made short work of it. She throws in a fat sum of money. A two month’s wage is at stake! 25,000 in fucking quick money! And here we go! Let’s go fuck! It’s chilly and rainy outside. The chicks are getting our weapons ready for a fight. A blowjob symphony for two mouths and two cocks is beginning. My wife just loves the blond cunt. I see it in her eyes that she’s all eager to have a lick herself. Get ready, a breakneck party is beginning! I fucked the curly babe while carping at her old man. And the dumbass couldn’t deal with it! When I came on her ass, he boiled over. He got pissed off and hauled ass – and he even didn’t come! He’s a twit! But I enjoyed myself fully. Enjoy! This is the stark reality!

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