Czech Couples 09 – Mature, hairy and greed


We’ve never seen this before. You’ll go berserk. My smart wifey spotted an elderly couple by a supermarket. The guy is retired and his nice wife will be as well in no time. They had set off to hunt some discounts, as all proper wrinklies do. How about a nice contribution to top up your pension? Missus seems to have her bra stuffed to the brim. She’s shy as if she never had sex before. But the old boy’s eyes are sparkling like Mr. Scrooge’s. One pension for a blowjob and two pensions for a fucking spree in the bush. I’ll bang your old lady and you can fuck a nice juicy cunt in exchange. Holy shit! Your old lady has a bear in between her legs! I’ll need a machete to get through this jungle. And a boat because she is dripping like crazy. The old guy went so mad about my nice young wife that he didn’t even come. But I came all over his housewife. It was fucking hardcore! And all you need to do this is money in the Czech Republic! You’ll love it!

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