Czech Couples 03 – Two students fuck for cash


It rains like hell. It’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. Only a birdbrain would refuse to stay cozy and warm home and watch the TV. But Kristyna and I were humpy as never before. We grabbed our camera, stuffed pockets with money and set out to hunt some booty. And we were damned lucky. We came across two lovely students. A sexy brunette and a blonde bright spark. They needed some money for their non-academic activities. This is our bill: 2,000 for a French kiss + 3,000 for tits licking + 6,000 for getting naked + 4,000 for eating out my girlfriend + 2,000 for sucking my cock + 2,000 for fucking = the grand total was 19,000. We were quite generous, don’t you think? Girls were chilly cold in the end – but I fucked them all! Only me and three luxurious cunts. Fucking Czech couples was the best idea of my life!

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