Czech Couples 11 – Busty model in bathrooms


I’ll never forget this day until the end of my life! My beloved wifey and I set out to the streets of Prague. What would Czech couples do for money? Anything! Anywhere! Remember it! We stumbled upon a really young couple in front of a pizzeria. She is a long-haired busty chick. A gorgeous young pussy. He is a teenager. Let’s have some coffee and a little chit-chat. Fast forward. A public auction is about to take place in the restaurant toilet. Going once – eating out. Going twice – sucking hard. Gone – and banging away. Going at 34,000! Awesome deal. Chicks opened up Grand Blowjob Prix. We fucked them both at a dirty toilet. The teenage kid screwed my wifey so hard she could hardly breathe! Such a dirty scamp! A toilet rodeo! I swear this was the wildest ride I’ve taken part in with my babe.

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