Czech Bitch 31 – Thieving giant pussy


The elite Czech whore hunter set out to check what’s up in his district. A dark-haired hooker is preening on the parking lot. She’s new in here. She needs to be show who rules the place. This slut is incredibly business savvy. She makes the deal only when Mirek gives her more money than a truck driver. Then he has to double the price for shagging without a rubber. The whore in almost invisible clothing is fucking good at her trade. The blowjob is simply mind-blowing. There are people who collect stamps; Mirek collects pictures of cunts he fucked. Giving her extra money for rimming was great investment. The whore with Eastern accent is an unrivalled master in this field. The leader of the cult of rubberless fucking taps her like a keg. This dude could publish a pocket guide of fucking in a car. It turns out that the hooker lays down her own rules. She strips him off all his money and walks out on him while his dick is still hard. She has no respect for authorities and gets money for old rope! This is what they call the law of the jungle. But Mirek will surely strike back!

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