Czech Bitch 08 – Sweet MILF prostituting


The hunter of Czech whore is playing with fire! This trip for paid fucking almost ended with a huge problem! Mirek, in his bang-car, stopped the first whore he could find. The provocative gypsy with huge tits was a proper whore. It was no problem for her to flash her sweet jugs. But there’s no way she’d fuck without rubber. With rubber or fuck off! The whore went back to the street and Mirek put his swollen cock back in his pants. Fucking slut! Let’s keep going. This must be dream. A beautiful blonde, alone between trucks. What is she doing in the car park? Why isn’t she in a brothel for rich clients? Did he fall in love? That’s not possible!!!! Her pussy will be on the cover of his pussy album. The horny anti-condom guy agrees with fucking according to the safe sex rules. But in a while the rubber went on the ground without noticing. The princess from the car park found out and the trouble began. She wanted to call her pimp!!! Wouldn’t it be better to run away, man? The girl took all the money he had. Fucking six grand! Luckily, the whore is worth it, she’s hot. When the time is over, he comes inside here! He is really crazy! Miss prostitute jumped off the car like crazy. Mirek, run away! Or the pimp will cut yu into pieces. Check this out! Unbelievable!

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