Czech Bitch 06 – Filled-up pussy


Whores, be warned!!! The rubber-hating Mirek is hunting again! He was circling in his car around a truck parking like a horny wolf! He smelt the prey. The presence of whore was confirmed even visually. To warm up, the fan of paid banging, stole two whores from a truck driver. How cheeky!! But this was something extraordinary! Two young blondes, both pretty and busty. Fucking them both at the same time would be catch of the year. But there was a problem! No rubber, no love. They were answering in unison and not even the money convinced them. Fuck this!!! Mirek’s dick is out of his trousers and the whores are out of his car. Fuck them! There is another slut just a few meters ahead! She wants to warm up, so after short negotiation she agrees to fuck without condom for 4,000. It’s like serving two customers at the same time. Good business. Just pay some more for kissing and we can start. Another picture taken for the pussy album. They fucked so hard the whole car was shaking like a boat on the sea and didn’t pay any attention to people walking around them. You just can’t enjoy romantic moment… Do you know what kind of surprise did this pervert prepare for her today? He didn’t say a word and shot all his load into her! Fucking lunatic! Check this out!!!

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