Czech Bitch 05 – Cum in ass


Series on the real life of Czech prostitutes are here with a new episode. Are you ready for a kinky ride? As you like, let’s go! Mirek woke up today with balls swollen with cum and that’s not healthy. It would be good to get rid of the pressure before he goes to work. Let’s visit the hookers! Hunting without rubber can begin. He found a lonely whore between trucks, it was lovely redhead. The secret code to enter the car is “Show me tits”. You don’t buy a pussy in a poke, do you? The negotiation stopped on strict refusal of going without rubber. But well, Mirek wants his relieve, so he added some money and got blowjob without rubber, classics with rubber and bonus anal, all that for about 2,000 CZK. And he got a rim job for free!! Cool. Mirek could take picture of another pussy for his collection. Guys, this hooker is really classy. Wild and horny. What they started in the car was like performance of an equilibrist. Mire inconspicuously took off the rubber and continued like nothing happened. What a stunt! But today the main hole for fucking was anal. That bitch likes it up her ass and Mirek has to pay more for ride with no rubber, another 2,000. But in exchange, he came deep in here ass, to have some memory of him, of course. Is this even possible? Unbelievable!!!!

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