Czech Bitch 30 – Bonus anal


The crusade has just begun. Mirek is ready to fuck girls with rubber. He met an ideal match on a parking lot. This hot brunette was just offering herself to a truck driver. What a filthy whore! Her tits are out and her cunt is more than ready. She is willing to get fucked without rubber for no extra fee! She gets all wet when she hears the money rustle. She grabs Mirek’s cock and won’t let go. She is a first-class whore. The preacher of love fingers her so well she can be heard all over the parking lot. He fucks her hard, the whore is screaming, not even counting the orgasms. For a small extra fee she lets him knock on the backdoor and also licks his anus. Amazing whore with proper upbringing. This mission was a success. The no-rubber fucking master is heading back to his base, juiced to dry. What an amazing video! Czech whores are the best!!!

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