Czech Bitch 28 – Young gulps


Czech whores are all ready, their chief has blue balls again. Who will be the chosen one? What slut will server his cock? Mirek picked some fresh meat from the car park. Young, likable and slightly naïve. Low price and extra charge for no rubber even lower. Fresh, young pussy, that’s something for the pussy hunter. He licks and licks and licks. Is he trying to lick her dry? This young babe cannot take her eyes from him. Did she fell in love with his cash or is she impressed by his reputation? She is obedient without even knowing whom is she fucked by. She swallows every single drop and takes the best care of his cock. This girl is handy, let me tell you. At home, her child and unemployed boyfriend are waiting. “Is it worth going back to? Fuck my life, this old fuck seems rich enough…” Anyway, Czech whores are the best, you cannot disagree with that!!!

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