Czech Bitch 21 – Pussy first, ass afterwards


Where are you, whore? Mirek went out to find some fun for his thick cock. Unfortunately. He met only one whore, currently working a customer in his car. Very busy girl. Busty gypsy princess. Finish him and come here, babe! Her pussy is still hot and frequented more than the highway nearby. Price? 5,000 with no rubber! Anal is a free bonus! This whore knows what her customers want. Talented whore! Let’s take a picture of her used cunt for the cunt album and start plowing her. First pussy, than her ass and then all over again. God, this is great! Mirek is ecstatic. In the end, he signed her belly with his white milk and fed her like a good girl. Just eat that, you slut! Perfect fuck, perfect cumshot. Everybody’s happy! Just the traditional promise of coming back and the show is over. I’m sure you will love this episode!!!!

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