Czech Bitch 20 – Slut full of cum


And here comes Mirek again! There is no escape, no Czech whore will be saved. Not even this blonde jewel from a parking lot. She has a lovely pair of hooters, but still, a preview is necessary. Guys, this is solid gold. Whores are being watched by police, but Mirek is not afraid of anything. This is his territory. He is the law here! Price negotiation was really fast and the love can be sold once again. 4,000 CZK for fuck without rubber isn’t cheap, but this slut is worth it. Now a picture for Mirek’s cunt yearbook and the filthy show can begin. You will get all you are used to, from a blowjob (an excellent one) to rim job and much more. This whore is really enjoying it. At some moments it seems she should be paying Mirek. In the end he came so hard in her it ran down her thighs. What a filthy ride this was! Watch it to believe it and mainly, have fun!!!

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