Facial Abuse – Miley


Miley is an 18 year old first timer to the world of porn, but definitely a seasoned whore in the world of sex for money. Her tale is a sad one, but I could give a shit about the road that brought her here. I’m just happy she’s here. Here’s the rundown. She’s 18 years old, loves taking it in the ass and has zero self esteem. In other words, she’s perfect for porn. Red and Harker went to town on that ass… and what a magnificent ass it was. That dumper was plump and right. Both guys butt fucked her and even double penetrated that slut. She loved it. Filming whores like this gives hope to porn. I’m tired of all the cunts who show up and complain. The world needs more whores who know their place, and Miley is a perfect example. Long story short… this video fucking rocks and I know you’re going to love it.

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