Facial Abuse – Devlynn


Devlynn is from a rich part of Oklahoma, but she’s still poor white trash. She confided in me that her family lives in a trailer. Oh well… that’s life. She, however, is destined for far greater things… like traveling to wonderful New Jersey to suck on puke covered cocks. If she wasn’t doing this, she said that she wanted to be a neurologist. Seriously… how do you go from that to being a piece of shit whore? During the interview, she mentioned how she likes rough sex. Once the rough sex started and she was swimming in her own puke, she sang a different tune. She didn’t like it at all. Maybe she shouldn’t be a fucking liar? How about that? I’ll give her props, though…she stuck it out. She did enjoy the sex part of it… not that I care or anything.

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