Czech Streets 125 – Food Car Massacre


Guys, do you know what food porn is? Forget the food reviews from YouTube, I mean a real fuck in a pile of food. That’s exactly what I had planned when I went on the street hunting with the camera. I really had luck, because I met a beautiful young lady who was just returning to quarantine with her weekly food shopping. I chatted with her and finally talked her into getting in my car. Confident Polina from Russia probably had no idea what to expect, but a good bundle of real dollars is much stronger than hunger. I rummaged in her grocery bags and gave her a real maul. I stuffed a cucumber in her mouth, sausage in her pussy and my dick in her ass. I topped it all up with a plate of eggs on her boobs and bottle of milk and a pound of flour on her head. As dessert, I cummed on her salad. Guys, that was incredible! Such a mess in the car that I should take it straight to the scrap yard. Check it out, but I’m warning you, this is only for the strong!

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