Czech Streets 149 – Mammoths are not extinct yet!


Now that’s what you have to see, my Czech Streets friends! I swear on my full sack I was on my way out of that secret nude beach, but there I met a freak of nature, the last mammoth on Earth. On my soul! A guy with a dick so big he could pee off the Beipanjiang Bridge offered to seduce his wife while he watched hide and wank his dick. You don’t refuse an offer like that, do you?! Since his wife was a beautiful young foreigner, I used it to practice my English conversation. The young lady was admittedly terribly shy, but that was handled smoothly by the Czech cash. I touched her tits, her pussy, and as soon as she opened her mouth, it was already clogged with hard cock. You know that saying, “If you can, cum”? That’s exactly what I followed. I’d barely push in 3 times before I cum, that’s how hot that lady was. The two mature nudists sunbathing nearby packed up and left with a disgusted look on their faces. Well, I’d better pack up, too, before the mammoth changes his mind and fucks up my face for fucking his wife. Yeah, have you figured out where the secret nude beach is yet? Hey, just ask at the famous restaurant on Císařská louka, yeah, but you don’t get it from me, okay?! Enjoy.

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