Czech Streets 121 – Black sexy hairdresser


So this is a big revolution, because lot of you guys have been texting me that you would like to see something exotic and spicy. Did you want it? So here it is. CzechStreet with Black girl! A new hairdresser started working in my favourite barber shop. Her name is Luna she have cuddly butt in sexy shorts. My dick was hard as soon as I saw her. Feel free to check her out there to believe it. Talking this beauty into it was really a problem and not only because she can’t speak Czech. When I offered her cash she berated me that she wasn’t a ho. How do you think it turned out? She hoovered my whole wallet. She took me to the back and she opened her legs wide. I fucked that black beauty on top of the wash machine in the middle of the barber shop in the centre of Prague. I squirted her mouth full with cum for goodbye. That was fucking awesome! Give it a go sometime and try the black pussy too, I suggest it.

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