Czech Streets 054 – Nikola – Wild student


The high summer is here and with it the holidays. However, I’m not lazing anywhere on a beach, quite contrary, with a camera in my hand, ready for any kind of action, I’m filming delicate Czech women and testing them with the hot cash. You seemed to like me fllirting, I decided to try it once more. I chose a small restaurant and picked some nice girls. We all know that Czech girls just love the stuff they can get for free; it really works. I was lucky and very soon I’ve met this gorgeous 19-years-old and lured her into that restaurant with the bait . She made my head spin; when you see her, you’ll know why. We were sitting, chit-chatting. About two hours later, when I noticed Nikola is already enchanted, I started to act and invited her to my place. I’m not sure where she found the energy to protest, but I patiently continued with the sweet talk and it was worth it. In my kingdom I screwed her sweet pussy hard and got the reward I was looking for. Watch this exclusive video with a classy Czech beauty and enjoy yourself, because Nikola is truly gorgeous. Hurray for Czech streets.

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