Czech Streets 033 Alina – Two girls with one cock


Sorry, but I needed a break. You know it was Christmas and it was necessary to save up the side of a quick buck. But you will see, challenged me to arrange a survey if Czech girls buy something in the sex shop. On the street with lot of sex shops, I waited for a suitable girl. It was cold and proper girls cold as ice. Finally, two nice friends confided in me that sometimes they go into a sex shop. I seized the opportunity for the hair and started chatting up. One showed me her beautiful tits and the other one eventually took a magical instant powder of fast money. It took me a while 30,000 CZK and more persuasion, but I drew her into the building, and there fuck her! Upon leaving, I collided with a beautiful girl. She lived in that house, she was nineteen and she looks like revelation. I asked her if I can charge my mobile and thus intruded into her apartment. She was terribly shy and talked to her was very difficult. In the final, I offered her all money and she agreed, though I don’t record it. God, the beauty really fuck with me and then she hasn’t problem with camera. Poor day ended wonderfully and so I have for you today even TWO catches! So download, download again and I’m going to save some money.

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