Czech Streets 025 – Jana – The mature teacher Jana


I received an email from you, that I still hunt only young girls and seem to forget about the nice ladies. So I decided that this time I will focus exclusively on mature women. It was no fun, because they were not an easy pray so I had to be hunting for two long days.I have chosen for you the most interesting thing I managed to shoot. Finally, I found an incredible piece. As a sweet reward for my efforts there came a busty teacher who invited me to her house for coffee and then told me that she sometimes fucks students from her class. She obviously didn’t want to tell me at what school she teaches. You sure understand that the teacher who likes young bunnies, would probably loose her chances for job anywhere. What should I tell you, I have never seen such a horny woman. I had to pay 20.000 cash, but it was worth it. Fucking with younger boys turns her obviously on.

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