Czech Streets 019 Nikola – Gorgeous bartender


I wanted to show you something of my night life. Of course, I could not leave the camera and thick pack of banknotes at home. I needed a lot of money, because there was the bar full of nice, young chicks. Surprisingly they were willing to show quite a lot after few minutes of sweet-talking. So you are about to see the show of beautiful and fragrant tits and pussies. A very pretty brunette struggled hard with her prejudice. She even held my cock in her hand, but finally jerked away. Too bad she would fuck like hell. Anyway, I noticed the beautiful barmaid on arrival, because she was hard to overlook in fact. She was a bit curt, but as time progressed and the level of fun raised, I went on the offensive. It cost me a fortune, but finally I fucked her wet and amazing shaved pussy. This sexy blonde fucked like a pro and obviously she liked it. I was so horny, I cummed it all and I rather slipped away, because she began to be too much interested in what I would do with the record. You better look at it right now, before she starts to make troubles.

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