Czech Streets 006 Kristyna – Elevator ride with Kristyna


Hello to everybody and I apologize that I did not show up for so long. After a long pause, there was a need for some big action, so I was shooting for two days. I came up with a new ploy to strip the girls and it really worked great. There were 7 girls who had no problem with showing me what’s under their shirts and even more. Lovely brunette stated it up in the phone booth on a busy street and then gave me a wondeful blowjob worth 15.000,- CZK on the stairs of the tenement in the center of Prague. Finally I had to teach one busty blonde how to put on a condom and then as a reward I shagged her in the elevator, that was being called by someone all the time. It was quite a shock for the surprised of tenants when the door finally opened. One of them even took a picture of us with his cell phone. It was a real ride, see for yourself.

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