Czech Bitch 03 – Unprotected anal for cash


Get ready! Another rubber-less hunt is here! Horny Mirek needs to empty his sack, so he went looking for sluts amongst truck. His cock is allergic to condoms and wanted some tight pussy for his pleasure. Mirek is slowly getting known amongst Czech whores. One experienced slut told him to fuck off when he came with his “no rubber proposal”. Another car park model, young blonde, was willing to negotiate about rubber free blowjob. The rest of her service is strictly according to the safe sex handbook. But unless like her colleagues, she offered anal as well!!! What a trophy would that be!!! And only for 5,000!!!! They shook hands and started fucking in the car park! But our daring driver waited and suddenly took off the rubber and started fucking her just like that!!! What a pusher!!! When the slut found out she got mad and almost left the car in the middle of fucking!! Another 3,000 shut her mouth!!! Unbelievable! And by then she didn’t know that the old lecher was going to cum inside her pussy! Anal sex with a whore without a rubber? You will see that only here!!! This is what hardcore means!!!

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