Czech Bitch 12 – Ginger pussy


Here are the latest news from the world of love for cash! We have a report for you, situated on one highway pull-up where they could have a sign saying “sex for money only”. The right time for Mirek to show all the bitches how low his colt is hanging. He found liking in one redhead hooker. The redhead, wet down to her knees and horny 365 days a year! She’s extraordinary and offers special service for special money! Blowjob and fucking into both holes for 2,500 CZK!!! Mirek announced his allergy to anything containing rubber, including the rubber band in his shorts. Ok them, they made a fair deal. He’ll pay twice as much and they will shag without protection. This bitch is unbelievable, she wears no panties and has a ginger beaver in between her legs. That’s something for our bitch-hunter. He burst forward and attacked her hard, especially her ass. In the end he showed all fist in her pussy, previously attacked by a whole regiment of others!!! Un-fucking-believable!!! Instead of goodbye he came on her ginger fur and went home. Watch this unbelievable video, there’s no other like this one.

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