Latina Abuse – Dasani Lezian


Dasani is past her prime. Coming in at the ripe age of 29 years old, this Latina knows her days are numbered when it comes to being a porn star. I know there’s a sort of milf explosion in the industry… but there’s a difference between being a milf and being, simply, shot out. Lucky for her, Dasani still has some time to make things happen. Unlike most of the Spanish chicks we film, this one has zero kids and no man to hold her back from being the best whore she can be. Performance wise, this one is awesome. She’s obedient. She’s outgoing. She does her job without complaining. Prior to the shoot, she bragged that no one ever made her puke on cock before. Well… that’s over. After she learned how to deep throat, Bootleg ran the routine on her pussy… hitting it from every position and angle. Deep down… I really like this girl. I don’t respect her line of work, but I truly like her. I hope she makes a name for herself and embarrasses her family.

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