Hoby Buchanon – Leda Lotharia – Teen Gets Foot Face Fucked Eats Ass & Head Dunked


Teen Leda Lotharia showed up to a house for a job interview. The door was wide open so she comes in. A man comes out and grabs her and begins roughly face fucking her. I fuck her face and make her swallow my cock and keep it there. I put my foot in her mouth and have her lick all over it and fuck her face. I put her in a headlock and switch to POV. I fuck her face more and spit in it. I turn around and have her bury her face in my asshole. Then I put my foot in her mouth again and she swallows it. I take her to the bedroom and throat fuck her with her head hanging off the bed. I fuck her face more in various position and sit on her. I sit on her face and have her eat my ass. I bend over the bed and she jerks my cock and cleans out my asshole with her tongue. I take her outside and face fuck her by the pool and blow my load all over her face. I then dunk her head in the pool to help her get the cum off of her!

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