Deviante – Forgive Me Father 79 – Anal dick in a box for Christmas


The other night, I approached this sexy woman standing by herself at the side of the road. She explained that she had missed the bus and was waiting for a ride back home. I told the pretty brunette that I wasn’t really a priest and offered her 500 euros if she would be willing to partake in a confession. She agreed, and once we were inside the van, the tatted-up stranger promised that she had been extra good this year, so I treated her to a special present – my long, thick dick! I face fucked the slim babe, and after pulling aside her thong, I saw that she was wearing a butt plug! I stuffed her loosened hole with my cock in doggystyle position, then the flexible slut put her legs behind her head so I could give her a hard anal pounding in missionary while she stimulated her clit with a vibrating sex toy. After some spooning, the busty nympho sat on my lap and bounced on me cowgirl-style, then she gave me another blowjob until I came in her mouth!

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