Deviante – Forgive Me Father 35 – Groupie Gagged By Drummer


There was this popular band in town, and the guys were taking pictures with fans. We saw this beautiful, thick woman sneak into our van, under the impression it was the band’s. We quickly slipped off our priest outfits and put on band shirts. We found the woman on her knees, naked, rubbing her tits with drumsticks. I told her I was a new member of the band, a guitarist. She was horny, and wanted to fuck. She got on all fours and shook her ass for us while I oiled her holes, then stuck one drum stick in her ass, and the other in her pussy. She gave me a sloppy blowjob, then I fucked her pussy doggystyle. The groupie slut rode me cowgirl style, then I came all over he face!

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