Deviante – Forgive Me Father 33 – Blonde Nurse Wants You to Watch


We saw this blonde woman sitting on a bench and she was dressed like a nurse, so I walked over and pretended to collapse. The woman agreed to come into the van for confession in exchange for some money. Once inside, she told us she really liked sex and big dicks. The nurse’s boyfriend was a voyeur, and loved to watch her fuck other guys. We offered her some money to fuck me, and she said she would if I had a nice cock. I showed her my big dick and she turned around and shook her ass for me. The blonde nurse gave me a blowjob, then I pulled out a vibrator for her. She masturbated her tight, shaved, pierced pussy with it, then used it as she rode me cowgirl style. I stretched her tight pussy with my big cock, then pounded her doggystyle until she came. After she got off, she took my load right on her tongue, and leaded out just in time to catch her bus!

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