Deviante – Forgive Me Father 01 – 22 Year old confesses her sins


We saw a 22 year old brunette standing alone in the street with nothing but a suitcase to her name. Pulling the Mobile Confession Van over, I got out, and told the woman how we were offering help to young people in need in the community. An offer of a laptop, a phone, and 1000 euro got her into the van under the guise of an interview. Once inside, we changed tones, and asked the little slut how many cocks she sucked and how many guys she fucked. She had already fucked for money, so we knew she’d agree when we told her to strip. She had nice small boobs, and I helped myself, then told her to show me how she sucked cocks. After a sloppy blowjob, I fucked her tight pussy all over the van, and made sure to leave my handprint on her ass. I came in her mouth, then we kicked her out of the van and back to the streets!

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