Deviante – Erotic Spice 15 – Dominican Republic girl fucks a stranger


Lovely petite babe Capri Lmonde is on vacation at a resort, and gets so relaxed in the sauna that she does not hear Eddy Blackone enter. Determined not to startle the naked woman, Eddy makes his presence known, and while Capri is almost finished, she invites him to her room for some more intimate fun. Eddy joins Capri in her room and drops his towel, and the slut takes his big dick into her mouth. Giving him a deep blowjob turns Capri on, so she turns around to tease Eddy with her perky tits. Propping her ass in the air, she invites him to fuck her pussy doggystyle, then Eddy pleasures her pussy in spoon and missionary until she cums. Hopping off the dick, Capri sucks Eddy until he cums in her mouth!

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