Deviante – Erotic Spice 05 – Ebony masseuse with amazing body


Ebony masseuse Boni applies for a job at Tina Fire’s spa. During their interview, Tina explains that the position involves pleasing the client. For 1000 euro, a masseuse is expected to do anything the client wants. Boni is a little confused, but agrees to strip naked so Tina can inspect her big tits and round ass. Tina tells Boni she needs to go through a test run, so they walk to a bed, and the interviewer asks the interviewee to strip her. At Tina’s behest, Boni pours oil on her big boobs, then rubs it in. Explaining that this is how things go, Tina spreads her legs to finger her pussy. When Boni confesses she’s never been with a woman, Tina teaches her how to eat pussy, then finger fucks Boni from behind until she cums.