Czech Wife Swap 10 (Part 03) – Sex and beer


The end of fucking holiday is almost here, Pepa is running out of beer. Before he finished the last one, he sat Milena’s beaver on his cock. Milena got so wild she almost tore down the little house. Pepa is a horny beast, but the only thing he cares about is beer.
On the other side of the campsite Honza is destroying Ivanka’s tight pussy with his cock. A missionary romance. Flawless.
The final meeting showed that Milena is a snitch. She told Ivanka immediately. Poor Pepa will have a lot to explain. Luckily, he won the drinking competition, when it came to counting beers drank, he won over Honza 60:0. Enjoy the true Czech Wife Swap!!! Have fun!!!

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