Czech Wife Swap 10 (Part 01) – Grannies and younglings


You better sit down, because this could make you faint. We have yet another unique Wife Swap. Two elderly ladies and their young lovers. Two best friends, Milena and Ivana, decided to sign in the Wife Swap to enjoy a nice holiday in Slapy. They swapped the young lovers and set off to new experiences.
Busty and horny Milena immediately started to lure Pepa inside her hairy pussy. But Pepa prefers beer and before you know, he’s drank most of them.
Slim Ivana is full of surprises. She gets into Honza’s shorts without even asking and shows him how insanely good is she with her mouth.
This might get even wilder, because mature women are known for their appetite. Stay with us to see further development.

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