Czech Super Models – E08 – Monika – amazing jugs


Prospective models were pouring into my office today. It seems that every Czech girl would like to become a model. Good for you, babes, but what can you offer in exchange? What are young Czech girls willing to do to become models? One of them aims to be a playmate. She claimed she would do anything, but it’s just big talk. On the other hand, Monika, a fabulous chick with almond-shaped eyes, pursues her goal with no scruples. This casting was the very first one for her, but she showed that she knew what to do. She lied on the table. She opened up her legs. And she invited me to come in. A good girl. I had some fun with her exquisite tits and gained another feather in my cup. Naivete of Czech girls has no boundaries.

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