Czech Streets 022 – Busty Kristyna swallows for money


Would you also like to know how girls would react when they are bluntly asked if they know what fast money is? I tried it in the subway and just stared at the answers. Unbelievable. But I did not want to abstain all day and waited patiently until I could smell my opportunity. After many failures in front of my camera there came a beautiful brunette. I just could not let her huge tits slip through my fingers. I was trying to persuade her for so long that she finally agreed. I was so horny, I pulled her into a cellar of the nearest house. I must have spent all of the money I had on me. She had beautiful and wet pussy and her tits were just amazing. Finally I cummed her mouth full, but she just didn’t want to swallow it for free. What could I do. No money, no fun. Too bad but still she really was amazing. That I it must admit.

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