Czech Streets 053 Romana – Busty and wild


Start of this summer was just great. I got this brilliant idea to use this heat wave and seduce loads of pretty girls. I went in front of one popular pub and invited girls and women for a beverage FOR FREE! As you know, when you are offered something for free, it’s very hard to refuse. Surprisingly, the first girl told me to fuck off. But I didn’t have to wait long for the big catch. Pretty, a busty young lady called Romana was happy for my invitation for a beverage. When I saw she’s getting ready, I started my cunning attack and showed her all the money she could get for letting me visit inside of her panties. I cannot describe how surprised I was when she refused the money and just let me fuck her in a nearby park. That horny she was. I still cannot believe that. Check this out and see for yourself. Thing like this happened for the first time in the history of Czech streets and I’m glad not all Czech girls are gold-diggers. Enjoy the summer and look forward to our next video.

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